4 Stages of Armageddon

Stage I people shall walk like regular, no care in the world as they go on their usual day. Kids shall play in the hay of their father’s land. Phone calls of important meetings, late for a table turning seating, a day of stress vs. relaxation Stage II An emergency broadcast shall appear while people still looking through their rear in constant fear of crashing. Nevertheless they shall continue to go about their ways ignoring what the news have to say Stage III They’re warned of a possible attack as they continue to walk in packs, “Boom!” building falls, cars … Continue reading 4 Stages of Armageddon

His Last Breathe

(No reference to Paul Walker may he R.I.P) Thunder struck from the sky crying I knew his time ran up I know that life is very slim, never had the chance to say I loved him. As tears rolled down my eyes, I simply wanted to die, I felt my heart race, I wish I could’ve taken his place. I reached our apartment and all I could do was stare, the cops were swarming everywhere. I ran up the stairs to see, but before I could enter the cops blocked me, I said “let me through!”, they didn’t have a … Continue reading His Last Breathe

The Truth

As I drifted, I felt my legs being lifted into the air, I stared thinking that you would always be there, I died, believing you were an angel on the out and inside, it’s been rough but frankly I have had enough, a stone, I’m really tired of being alone, I died, a little but I thought it would’ve subside, a dove flew by and told me I needed to be loved, but I’m just a dart, not attractive enough to even get the part, this truth, the world doesn’t care about you unless your cute, but I, will change … Continue reading The Truth

I Am Not Myself

I am not myself, the angel I once was in the dawn, have withered, dried, and ultimately gone. The person that I hoped that I would never be, took the good and purity out of me. Now I sit here seemingly dead as now my eyes turn completely red, the skies turn dark and there’s a worldwide surge, my teeth turn sharp and my black wings emerge. I flew up in the sky like an ungodly stark unaware of my presence the world is completely dark. I stayed in the sky as I stood and stare, watching the people run … Continue reading I Am Not Myself

The Creature In The Dark

The moon, ending the day after a long run, shrouded its darkness upon the sun, I walked into the forest of whatever lies, and there the creature opened its eyes. I stood still and never took flight, as I looked at the creature with no light. I walked a little close and I did nothing but stare, I showed no signs of imminent fear. The creature stood before my demise, stared back at me with its piercing red eyes, I walked closer to it and there I stood, hidden within my ghost white hood. As I heard it roar deep … Continue reading The Creature In The Dark

The 5 Beats

The fifth beat sounded like the bass of a drum, I was young and healthy and had lots of fun, I always pretended that I was on a flight, enjoying the city’s bright and pretty lights The fourth beat sounded like the melody of a flute, I turned into a vicious young brute, causing mayhem everywhere I go, all to just put on a show. The third beat sounded like a whimpering dog, as I traveled to school in a thick cloud of fog, frowned upon because I always got praised, received many awards for my intelligent ways. The second … Continue reading The 5 Beats

I Was An Angel

I was an angel who was only seven, I was shot, I died and went to heaven. I was an angel whose name was Tod, who never had a father but now I have God. I was an angel that lived in a tower and always craved for the ultimate power. I was an angel that always stirred the pot, I was an angel that had a plot. I was an angel whose name was Tod, craved for power that I challenged God. I was an angel that wanted to be on the same level, got casted out of heaven, … Continue reading I Was An Angel

Sweet Misery

Sadness, an emotion worse than scars a wound more deadlier than wars, reap upon you but you don’t die, but sends a story of tears running from your eyes, falling in a pair, feeling them run, keep falling from your eyes, they merged into one, as it falls off your face, falling to the floor, it keeps a steady pace, as it reaches to the floor, in the bittering cold, it holds a sad story never to be told. As it hits the ground it couldn’t be sustained the teardrop burst into the cause of your pain, the screaming,the shouting, … Continue reading Sweet Misery

Ocean of Dreams

Deep ocean waters is what I ponder, a whole new world filled with wonder clear crystal lights gave off a beam, here was kept my ocean of dreams, placed in a bottle were all my wishes, now guarded with the ocean’s most exotic fishes, it reached it’s destination and without a sound it softly fell to the ocean’s ground, There it sat forever bound, never to be read, never to be found, my thoughts, my emotions, my secrets at a throttle, all locked up in a tiny bottle, so I say farewell to you my friend deep down below to … Continue reading Ocean of Dreams

A Nightmare In My Own Dream

Undeserving I lay asleep, amidst the pain of my own defeat, I close my eyes and enter fatality drifting from the world of reality, nothing to awake, startle or alarm me, I dream of commanding my deadliest army, conquering cities, countries and states unaware of my upcoming fate. People ran, hid and some even flee, none except one stood up to me. He walked with a hoodie, as dark as the night sky face hidden deep within with the secrets it hides, I ordered my army to rush and sway but he punched the earth and blew them all away, … Continue reading A Nightmare In My Own Dream