New Website

I have been MIA on this for a long time, but while I’ve been gone I’ve been trying to build a website catered to a specific niche. Everything is working out slowly but surely ! To get everyone up to speed. I’ve made a website on the Squarespace platform selling music beats that I created myself. I would like some feedback and support if possible 😁😁 BeatsxMusix Advertisements Continue reading New Website

BeatsxMusix Page

(Logo) So as you guys can probably already tell I’m starting to take my online business really seriously now and unlike past attempts I wanna stick to this one. With that being said I created a BeatsxMusix Facebook page that I encourage all who’s interested to follow 😊. Also if you want check out the website while you’re at it! Any feedback and support is appreciated.  BeatsxMusix (Facebook Page) BeatsxMusix (Website) Continue reading BeatsxMusix Page


So as some of you (if any at all lol) read my last post about creating a website based on poetry, I completely threw that out and came up with a blog/e commerce site based around music. So initially it’s two things in trying to do with this blog/ecommerce And that is blogging about my favorite music and actually creating and uploading music beats to sell to the general public (well whoever’s interested in music anyway). I haven’t purchased the domain name yet so that’s why it’s not really OFFICIAL as of yet, done of the functions when you check … Continue reading My FIRST OFFICIAL WEBSITE! (well almost)

P-A-A-W (Poetry As A Website)

To all who’s reading this (And have read my poems that I publish on this platform over the years), I’ve recently been thinking about making some serious income from creating poetry. Now I know that poetry is one of the hardest niches to gain passive income from, but with all the crazy and wacky ways individuals has been making money I would think that it’s worth a shot. I actually did start a poetry website on Wix, but still haven’t published it be cause of the uncertainty of it gaining any traction. Just from my readers of my poetry, do … Continue reading P-A-A-W (Poetry As A Website)

Starting A Business 2017

I can’t recall the amount of times I said I was going to start a business these past couple of years. Why do I keep procrastinating? Is it my fear of failure ? My fear of the unknown when it comes to venturing in this field? I read tons of success stories of people  who took that leap of faith and starting something from scratch and now there’s seeing huge success. This is the path that I wanna go down but my first thing is conquering this fear and uncertainty. You’re failing and you didn’t even try. Bill Gates took … Continue reading Starting A Business 2017