So as some of you (if any at all lol) read my last post about creating a website based on poetry, I completely threw that out and came up with a blog/e commerce site based around music. So initially it’s two things in trying to do with this blog/ecommerce And that is blogging about my favorite music and actually creating and uploading music beats to sell to the general public (well whoever’s interested in music anyway). I haven’t purchased the domain name yet so that’s why it’s not really OFFICIAL as of yet, done of the functions when you check out the site doesn’t work until I upgrade to the premium service tier. I built this site upon the Wix ADI. I generally like the platform because it’s pretty easy to use and you’ll have a website you and running in the space of 2 days max (if you know what you’re doing). Anyway it would be awesome if you guys checked it out for me and tell me what you think. Any feedback would be appreciated or if you guys really like my site then subscribe and I’ll keep my music posts going:). Finally if you know anybody that’s interested in purchasing beats for a song then you can also redirect them to my site.

Thanks in advance for the support and here’s the link.

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