The Return of Horus (first e-book)

Lately I’ve been thinking about writing an e-book to (finally) let out my imaginative side and also starting a business of some sort. For the past year or so I’ve been stuck on this ideology of trying to learn how to code to build an application but that was deemed very challenging and my heart and mind wasn’t really devoted to it. My vision of starting a business never faded though, I still wanted/going to build an app but I want to build something that I can distribute to consumers right away but delivering something SPECTACULAR to consumers. My conclusion?  An E-Book!  But not those “how to’s” and tutorials (even though I was thinking about making one myself) but I like creating stories and recreating mythological beings in them, thus my idea of “The Return of Horus” came to mind.  I love Egyptian mythology so I thought why not make a fictional story  about Horus, the Falcon God of Egypt. I’ll be making periodical posts about this e-book and sneak peeks into upcoming chapters and maybe even some insights.


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