Road To Entrepreneurship pt.3 (“Attracities”)


So I can say that for the very first time I made a mockup for my start up venture named “Attracities”. This would be a Restaurant/Travel website/app utilizing key features such as a cities attractions,bars,hotels,parks etc. What would make this different from major competitors like TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Uptake (just to name a few) is 1.) a comment section via FB connect to utilize customers experiences with said visits to certain areas or facilities. Another difference between my startup and the rest is a GORGEOUS UI interface. The log in screen alone would have you hooked on how intuitive and magnificent the website/ app looks not to mention when you sign into it. Well this is the first step to actually building this next I’ll show a mock up of the home screen. Any feedback would be great thanks for reading 😃.


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