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Before I propose this idea…….who has (or know someone who has) inexperience using a computer ? And who would ACTUALLY pay to learn how to use one?

I say this because we live in an era where technology is ever expanding, and with this ever expanding technology there’s people (generally older people) who still doesn’t even know how to operate a computer and feels left behind. So why not teach them ?

35 thoughts on “Start Up Idea

  1. I can’t help but feel a little sad when I see older people unable to use their mobile phones with ease. I’d love to see them feel comfortable with technology rather than think, “No, that’s too difficult for me.”

    1. So do you think that would be a good start up? You really have a point a lot of people (including the old have smartphones) but now my problem is making a website to advertise that service (I have no experience making a website lol)

      1. Lol, there are many ready made websites that you pay for monthly and can customize to suit your needs. I know of and

      2. I heard of wix, I tried it but it didn’t really work for me and one of my friends that I told about it also tried it. He said it was very laggy and doesn’t work efficiently if you have a lot of content. I’m gonna try the other one though. Quick question, you’re also an entrepreneur?

  2. Me again! I checked out volusion but I was disappointed with them when we kept getting charged even after cancelling subscription. It’s been 2-3 months since we cancelled our subscription but still get charged for it every month for some reason that is beyond me!

    I’m not an entrepreneur (yet). Aspiring to be one. I thought it would be more appropriate it I followed you from my business blog 🙂

    Whereabouts do you live? Have you had any luck with any business ideas yet?

    1. Hey :), that’s really messed that’s why I don’t do these third party websites I’m better off downloading the software and learning how to do it OR hire someone who could do it for me. As for ideas… don’t want to know the arsenal of start up ideas I have in my head but the one I’m trying to currently get off the ground is teaching people (mostly older people) how to use a computer. You read it lol but as far as starting any unfortunately :/ I didn’t really know how to get it off the ground but I came to the conclusion that I need a website first, so that’s what I’m TRYING to work on. Lastly I reside in Brooklyn, NY 🙂

      How about you? You have/had any ideas?

      1. Yeah, I’ve got a couple of ideas. Working with a few friends to try and turn them into more concrete, solid business ideas. It’s not easy coming up with something new and innovative when you live in a country that’s so advanced! Someone’s already done exactly what you had in mind, half the time.

        I’m quite interested in teaching myself. I’m keen on teaching children how to read and write, laying the foundation sort of thing. I see how your idea would benefit MANY people but I’m not quite sure if they would be willing to pay for it. I see it as more of a volunteering kind of job but you definitely could make money from sponsors! Hope you don’t mind me saying all of that. Just had some ideas and thought they might help you out 🙂

      2. It’s ok and I thought the same thing to, but you’ll be surprised at the things people are willing for. As a matter of fact one of the customers that was at my job a few weeks ago asked my boss if he knew anybody that knows anything computers and he called me, so me and her was talking and was giving her the basics and she asked me how much I charge? And in my head I was Ike hmm she’s really willing to pay for this? O.o so I got her name and number. I told her to call anytime but she haven’t called yet. So basically if she’s willing to pay just to learn how to use a computer imagine who else would do the same.

        And wow that’s nice so wait you’re just volunteering to teach them right there’s no revenue in return?

      3. I’ve been tutoring my friend’s children and I’m looking into a volunteer job where I teach children with special needs for a little money. I’m still trying to sort that out.

        It’s very interesting that you met someone who wanted to pay for it! Really cool! Was she in the age group that you’re looking at? Like in the elderly age range?

      4. Yeah she is, she haven’t gotten back to me yet she’s been busy lately, but it’s good to know someone would pay to learn something. This is a good start up aiming at the older generation.

        Aww what’s holding you back from starting your volunteer job?

      5. Ah, I was all set to start but I found out its unpaid. I wouldn’t mind still doing it but I would need money for the commute. So I’m holding off for now but will keep an eye out for opportunities.

      6. Haha, I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was working but left a few months ago, enrolled in some online courses. I’m thinking of going back to Uni but I’m keen on setting up a business first. Maybe if that doesn’t work out, I will enroll in Uni. I’ve been looking for jobs as well but there aren’t many suitable vacancies. I’m trying to get into the HR field.

      7. OMG!!! I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE!! how is it? I heard people there drive super expensive cars and it holds the worlds tallest skyscraper. It’s gorgeous there. Why you left your job though? And do you know what type of business you wanna set up ? And what’s HR?

      8. Haha, Dubai is fantastic for a holiday. It’s a great place to live for a couple of years, not to emigrate to, as the only way you can live here is if you can get someone to sponsor you i.e. your employer or if you can run your own business. Citizenship is rarely ever granted to expats here.

        But life here is quite nice. Very comfortable and convenient. The tallest building is the Burj Khalifa which is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it at night with twinkling lights on, I’m always in awe. Everyone is really fond of cars here. It’s common to see Bentleys, Lamborghinis and GTRs on the road, especially on the weekend.

        I left my last job because I wanted to go back to University. Also, I wasn’t getting much out of my job – growth prospects seemed dim. I’m not sure yet what kind of a business I want to set up – still considering a few ideas with my friends/future colleagues to see which ones would be the most feasible.

        HR is Human Resources. Ideally, I’d want to get a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology but sadly, a Bachelors degree in Psychology is required for that, which I don’t have. HR is the next closest field!

      9. Oh I didn’t wanna live there, just a visit for a few days to weeks but yeah it’s very beautiful there. Why don’t they let in expatriates? O.o and aww it must beautiful to see that every night. We don’t have nothing like that here in Brooklyn, unless you live in Manhattan near Times Square. Your friends are also aspiring entrepreneurs? And woah those type of cars are a regular down there?

      10. I’m not sure why they don’t grant citizenship :S I wish they did. I was born here and I’d love to be able to call this place “home” you know? Dubai is amazing. If you ever get the chance to visit, you really should! And yeah, those cars are seen very very often. What people are crazy about here is number plates. The fewer the digits, the more expensive it is! What’s amazing here is that sometimes, we see the Sheikh/Ruler of Dubai here and there lol. Someone or the other always ends up getting to know someone from the royal family!

        Yep, my friends are aspiring entrepreneurs too! A friend has already even set up a business here. The job scene isn’t too great so we are always looking for other ways to earn a living – at least until we can find a decent job.

      11. Yeah I really wanna visit one day adjust to experience what’s its like yuh know, and sheesh really? You only see those cars here if you live in the wealthy areas in which….I don’t lol. The number plates part I don’t really understand though can you enlighten me on that part? And ooh we rarely see our president here except on t.v lmao I never seen him in real life. Do you know someone in the Royal Family? O.o lol

        Oh that’s awesome too bad you guys don’t live here though we all could’ve been business partners :D. Either way that’s good people here when they’re unemployed they just sit in their houses or hang out on streets rather than go looking for a job.

      12. Haha okay so the number plates thing is pretty popular here. Our number plates are different from yours. Here, they are like A 12345. People are fond of having number plates with the least digits – they cost a lot more. Some number plates cost around $10,000. Some cost over $50,000. Yes, it’s crazy I know! But it’s fun to go around driving and checking out people’s number plates. Even number plates that are in a cool series like “77177” or “888” are very expensive.

        My friends and I have met members of the Royal Family on several occasions. Sometimes, they come to our university graduation ceremonies!

        Haha, yeah, we could have been business partners for sure! That would’ve been cool! 😀

      13. Lol so if someone is driving a car with one license plate number the car is worth $1M+ ? O.O lol and damn can’t you befriend them and gain their trust so they can invite you guys to huge events or something? Lol

        And yeah to bad you live on the other side of the planet :/ I can see us already being multi millionaires lol 🙂

      14. That’s my dream!! like I don’t wanna be just across the U.S I want it to be all over the world. Look at Carlos Slim with his Qualcomm business. THE RICHEST MAN ALIVE!! its too bad its so hard coming up with a unique idea in a world that houses God knows how many businesses smh, but I honestly hope to meet you one day and combine our multi billion dollar businesses!!.

      15. I know how you feel! I keep focusing my thoughts on starting a business and then taking it international! We should definitely stay in touch. Who knows, we might end up doing business together! 😀

      16. Yes I think we can do it :)! And we definitely will and yeah when I have a lot of money saved up (hopefully in the future) umma come visit you in Dubai 😀

      17. Moreover, it’s a daily thing and I wouldn’t be able to keep up without some income of some sort.

      18. Yeah, thankfully. I live with my family here so that makes everything a lot easier. Culture here isn’t like that of the US or Europe. People don’t generally move out of their parents’ houses after they turn 18 or 19. It would be very unusual to find an independent 19 year old around here lol.

      19. Please I’m 21 and I’m still living with mom…..but I’m saving up to move out though lmaooooo. I think I’m ready, when ARE ready to move out tho?

      20. Haha, people here only move out when they’re gonna get married :p Culture is rather family-oriented here. Even then sometimes people don’t move out, and choose to live as a joint family :p No one even cares about moving out. It’s not even something to think about here lol. It’s like if you wanna move out, THAT is weird :p

      21. Well damn UAE and America has two totally different views when it comes to moving out people here usually move out when they’re in their early to mid 20’s lol

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