The Creature In The Dark


The moon, ending the day after
a long run, shrouded its darkness
upon the sun, I walked into the
forest of whatever lies, and there
the creature opened its eyes. I
stood still and never took flight,
as I looked at the creature with no
light. I walked a little close and I did
nothing but stare, I showed no signs
of imminent fear. The creature stood
before my demise, stared back at me
with its piercing red eyes, I walked
closer to it and there I stood, hidden
within my ghost white hood. As I heard
it roar deep inside I was dying, that was
was the sound of an African lion. It
started running towards me in straight
perfection, no fear showed I ran in the same direction. As I ran towards it I sensed the links, I clashed with the lion, and became the Sphinx.

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